We sail along the the coast and stop in different types of mooring dependent on availability, weather and conditions.


We always attempt to accommodate passenger requests and welcome suggestions both before and during our trips.

A Variety of
Overnight Stopovers

En route we stop in marinas where possible. 


Ordinarily marinas are secure facilities providing parking, clean rest rooms with hot and cold water, showers, laundries, supermarkets, chandlers, restaurants and yacht clubhouses. Post offices, banks and other shops are found in the town centre normally only a short distance away.

When staying at a marina, you will still sleep on the yacht but will use the marina facilities for other items such as washing. We pre-check all marinas before we stay to ensure that they have excellent facilities and are suitable for our clients. All marinas along the Cote d'Azur are of a high quality due to their affluent clientele.

You can explore the host town of any marina we are visiting, have meals ashore and return to the yacht any time before the next morning. We will of course provide you with meals on board should you not wish to eat ashore.


Some bays are serviced by moorings instead of marinas. These are fixed buoys or piles that the yacht is attached to for the night along with other yachts in the same bay.

We arrange transfer to the shore for you should you wish to explore. Transfer between the yacht and the shore is either by a dedicated boat provided by the port authority or by using our on-board motor boat.

Occasionally we strike up friendships with neighboring yachts and go visiting or they come and visit us.

Moorings provide the ideal place to light up the barbecue as they are stable but away from any onshore restrictions


There are some beautiful places along the Cote d'Azur that simply aren't serviced by a marina or mooring it is here where we anchor.

Anchoring is the most fun out of all the ways to stop, you really are living at sea when you anchor. We always anchor in the best area according to the weather conditions to help give you a restful night's sleep. 


Onshore facilities may be unavailable when at anchor so you will be using the yacht's bathrooms and normally having meals aboard during these nights.

Being at anchor doesn't mean that you can't go ashore though. We have a fully equipped motor tender and can drop you ashore so you can check out the area to your heart's content. We will then pick you up later in the evening to bring you back to the yacht for the night.