What can we help you with?

I haven't sailed before, is this right for me?

Absolutely! We have tailored our trips especially for people who haven't sailed before or have very little experience and simply want to try it out, they are our main clientele. Starting from our base port of Menton Garavan is perfect for newbies as it is sheltered by the Alps with light winds which don't reach the strong wind conditions you can get in Northern Europe.

What about the weather, when is the best time of year to go?

The South of France has an enviable climate with between 300 - 330 days of sunshine per year and is completely different to the climate you could expect in, for instance, northern Europe If your dream is to sunbathe in the hammock and explore towns while gently bobbing along the coast then April to October is ideal. For those wanting fewer crowds and better sailing conditions whilst still under the sun, look at November to March. If we encounter bad weather (rare on the Cote d'Azur), the captain will make a decision about whether to alter our itinerary so as to stay safe at all times.The average windspeed we will encounter along our trips will be 8-12 knots so we are well within the limitations of the yacht which can sail in many times that. If you want to know more, check out this video which we have compiled over a year and shows the sea conditions at various dates and sites around the Mediterranean.

Didn’t find your question here? What would you like to know?

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Will I be expected to help with the sailing?

Only if you want to .. Primarily we want you to have the best sailing experience you can have and explore the beautiful Riviera and its wonderful anchorages, marinas and resorts. If you want to learn the ropes we will teach you as much as you want to learn. From learning a few knots, trimming the sails, to plotting a course on the map, celestial navigation or steering the yacht for a while. All of these can put a smile on your face!

How much sailing will we be doing each day?

We have a very relaxed outlook when it comes to sailing and have set our routes so that we don't sail more than about 4-5 hours per day split between morning and afternoon.

What happens during a day onboard?

Days generally begin at a marina where you can take a shower ashore or at an anchorage/mooring where you can use the onboard showers or jump in the sea if you fancy for a quick wake up. We then have a leisurely breakfast and set sail to a new destination. Unlike motoring, sailing is as much about the journey as the destination and we need to take into account things like wind direction to steer a good course which we can explain to you if you are interested. When we arrive at our lunch spot where you can snorkel, float around on one of our inflatable toys or go ashore and explore the town we are visiting. We then sail for a couple of hours more to our evening destination where we have dinner onboard (sometimes a barbecue) or you can choose to go ashore for sundowners in a local bar or restaurant before returning to the yacht for the night.

Can you accomodate special dietary requirements?

Yes! After booking, we send out a small questionaire where you can let us know about any allergies like nuts, special requirements such as vegetarian/gluten free or particular dislikes such as celery or marmite!

What if we want to go ashore for a meal?

If you don't want to eat the included meals, you are welcome to go ashore to eat either with or without the group. If the group decide to eat together, we will act as a bill moderator to ensure that each person only pays for what they actually had.

How many people will be onboard and what type of people are they?

The yacht is coded for a maximum of 10 passengers spread over 2 double cabins and 2 triple cabins, although in practice we generally keep between 6 and 8 for comfort. We host all nationalities of people, single, couples and families but ask that children are over the age of 14 for safety reasons. We do accept families with younger children but only if they book the whole yacht. English is the international maritime language and therefore the main language used onboard, although many people converse in their own mother tongue be that French, Spanish or similar.

Will I have to share a cabin?

We never ask you to share with someone you don't know. We give discounts to the second and third members of a cabin so you save money if you book as 2 or 3 people sharing.

What is included in the trip?

A Commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Ocean or similar Captain A Host / Cook A private en-suite cabin Access and use of communal areas Bed linen and towels Breakfast, lunches and dinner onboard Wine with meals, soft drinks, water, tea and coffee Ice Use of all toys: paddle board, snorkelling equipment, hammock and inflatables Marina and customs fees en route Water, fuel and gas used on board Transfer to and from shore at the designated stop-offs by tender

What isn't included in the trip?

Flights and transfers Drinks and meals ashore Alcoholic beverages (table wine is included with dinner onboard) Excursions or tours Gratuities You are welcome to bring your own alcohol onboard but we ask that you drink in moderation for the benefit of the other passengers and also yourself as one of the strongest causes of sea sickness is a hangover.

What are the terms and conditions of booking?

Terms and conditions can be found here Privacy Policy can be found here Cookie Policy can be found here

How fit do I need to be to sail with you?

Anyone who is reasonably active would be able to sail with us. If you are unsure please ask. If you cannot swim, please let us know before coming on board and you wil be given a minimally intrusive life jacket to wear whilst on deck. You will be asked to wear a lifejacket during darkness or at the Captain's discretion

How safe is it?

Our yacht is fully coded and has extra items of safety equipment that is not required by the regulations. Before leaving port for the first time we will conduct a safety briefing to show you the safety equipment onboard and how to use it. We also show you the location of the safety book which has all this information written down for you if you need it. Onboard you will find: Buoyancy aids Lifejackets, harnesses and safety lines for all guests Coded life raft for all guests incluing sea survival kits Two horse shoe rings A danbouy (lifebout with a high visibility marker) Carbon monoxide detectorVHF fixed and handheld VHF radio An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) Safety flares (handheld and parachute) Fire detectors, extinguishers and blankets Gas detector We follow MARPOL regulations about pollution at sea, use local and green produce wherever possible and use the sun or wind to provide electric power for the yacht.

What if I get sick?

The yacht has a full medical kit as required by law but we are never more than an hour away from the shore, so can get you on land and to help quickly if needed. If you are worried about sea sickness, we also have another answer. Sea sickness is caused when the information that the brain receives from the eyes and the inner ear do not agree. In addition to the normal sea sickness pills, we also have on board "boarding ring" spectacles which are designed to give your brain the information it is missing. They look kind of weird but can be put on when you start feeling sick and aleviate the symptoms. We also have a stabilising sail whcih we raise when at anchor to reduce the rocking of the boat.

What should I bring with me and what should I leave at home?

Here is a non exhaustive list of what we recommend to bring with you: 1) Water proof high factor sun cream (no oil please as it stains the decks) even in the winter the sun in the Riviera can burn 2) A hat to protect you from the sun with a strap so that it wont blow off in the wind 3) Swimwear 4) Trainers or non marking deckshoes (no flip flops on board as they can be dangerous when the yacht moves) 5) A warm jacket for the evenings. The breeze across the water can get chilly at night. 6) A posh frock or jacket and shirt if you want to visit somewhere nice on a shore trip (NB You won't be able to wear heels when transferring in the tender, so you will need a bag to carry them in until you get ashore (we can keep your trainers in the boat if you don't want to carry them around) 7) Insect repellant. 8) Music, films, reading on a memory stick or your phone. Our TV is fitted with Netflix and chromecast and our speakers are bluetooth enabled 9) Personal medication (also inform the captain what you need in case you are unable to take yourself) 10) Passport and visas for the European Union Here is what we provide so you don't have to bring it: 1) Bed linen, pillows and cases. 2) Bath and bed linen. 3) Shower gel/shampoo (although you can bring your own if you prefer). 4) Inflatable toys 5) Waterproofs - although unlikely to be needed we fit you with a set before we leave our base port. 6) Hairdriers (we have a special low voltage hairdryer on board for your use) Ordinary hairdriers and tongs use too much power for the yacht's electrical system. 7) Iron - (we have a special low voltage iron that you can use on board) Due to space limitation on the yacht, please bring foldable bags and not rigid suitcases. Soft rollable bags are the best option.

Will I have a good time?

Oh yes! We're pretty sure you will...