Your Skipper


Under different circumstances we may change skippers but Shaun will be your main skipper – here’s what he has to say for himself:


I love sailing and the feeling of freedom it gives you, taking you away from any constraints of the land.

I am a Yachtmaster Ocean which is the highest level of captain under the Royal Yachting Association (which is the world’s largest yachting governing body). This enables me to captain anywhere in the world’s oceans without electrical instruments using only the sextant and tables that sailors like Captain Cook would have used on the voyages of discovery centuries ago. I have sailed the Atlantic Ocean and also single handedly many times with the longest stretch being 2 and half weeks (with some stops) in the Riviera Breeze itself. I am an instructor with the RYA and will be looking to open a small sailing school over the next few years.


Historically I am English by birth but currently living in Monaco being a member of the world famous Monaco Yacht Club. I am a Chartered Engineer and was once in charge of operational systems for the world’s largest fleet of FPSO’s including this one. I am an ardent traveler and have visited around 90 countries aiming for the magical 100. It is hard to pick a favourite place, but New Zealand, Rome and the Vienna Christmas Markets are definitely shortlisted.

I love classic regattas and have sailed on a few beautiful yachts, most notable being Prince Albert of Monaco’s Royal Yacht Tuiga, Errol Fynn’s Karenita and the beautiful schooner Doriana. In fact one of my most memorable times was at the St Tropez Classic Regatta on the Doriana as we sailed out along the Golfe de St Tropez. With the wind picking up, the schooner crashed through the sea with dozens of classics all around and sent a 5 metre bow wave over the foredeck completely soaking me as I stood afront the foremast.

I remember thinking “This is AMAZING!”.

I hope you think something similar on our more ordinary boat

Here are a couple of my favourite photos

Bowman on Doriana

Schooner Doriana from a helicopter

Bowman on Doriana